The Jambar Editorial: The importance of voting at the local level

Tuesday, Nov. 2 is Election Day. Though it’s an off year and there are no presidential candidates or governors to deliberate over, it’s still important to consider some of the local issues and solutions proposed by various candidates. 

A number of places in and around the Mahoning Valley are running mayoral races this year: Cleveland, Canfield and Youngstown, to name a few. 

Even if you don’t live in a city or township with a current mayoral election, consider voting. Make sure you have the necessary identification, and check your registration on the secretary of state website or register online for next year’s elections. Familiarize yourself with the local issues on the ballot. If you’re not sure where to go to vote in-person, use the voter information search website to find the right location. Your vote matters at the local level, because many local elections are determined by a small number of votes. 

Voting is the most important part of a democracy — it helps keep those in power in check. If more people vote, politicians are more inclined to listen and do their jobs. It doesn’t matter who you vote for: the more active people are politically, the more power we have over those in office.

As students preparing to enter the workforce and make lives for ourselves, it is important to make our voices and opinions heard. If you don’t agree with a current policy, speak up and vote for someone who will change it. If you’re a fan of it, vote to reelect your current officer. Those without a voice in the past fought for us all to have the rights to use ours: don’t let their fight be in vain.