The Jambar Editorial: Goodbye’s going forward

Lori Factor, president of Youngstown Press Club visited Jambar staff in February.

I started at The Jambar at an odd time in my life. It was the first school year genuinely “back” from COVID-19. I also was looking to expand my horizons and try new things after more than a year of lockdown. 

Deciding to work at The Jambar has probably been the best outcome from me wanting to meet new people. Besides all of that, I just wanted to thank some people.

It did take a little convincing from the head copy editor at the time, Laurel Stone, who taught me almost everything I know about the often-frustrating AP style that journalists use. She was never afraid to answer any questions I had, and has been a great friend.

Current editor-in-chief Elizabeth Coss has done an outstanding job for The Jambar. Always happy to lend a helping hand, laugh at one of my jokes or even guide me into my first venture as a reporter, I will be forever thankful for all of it.

Soon-to-be executive producer for JambarTV, Dylan Lux has always lightened the mood in the office. I have fond memories from the Wordles we’ve solved to the dumb NBA memes we’ve shared, so thank you.

To our columnist, Henry Shorr, I wanted to say thank you for inviting me places and helping to get me out of my shell. Conversations about our favorite movies, TV shows and video games have seen my must-watch list increase substantially.

Former executive producer Kyle Wills and I both learned a lot together about journalism. He also introduced me to the Chipotle Breakfast Burrito in The Den, which has given me energy to power through multiple production nights, thanks for that.

I could go on about the many wonderful people I’ve met by working at The Jambar for a lot more space than I have, so I’ll end on this:

Thank you to everyone who has edited, reported and laughed with me at The Jambar, it’s been a good time and I wish you all the best going forward.

  • Michael Sheehan