The Jambar Editorial: Coffee tasting adventures

Caffeine is the lifeblood of many college students, and it can be delivered in many different ways. As we approach the end of the semester, the levels of stress are increasing and the amount of work is piling high. Finals are just around the corner and students are cramming as much study time as possible, so naturally some may be looking for a little pick-me-up.

Coffee is a preferred method of caffeine delivery, and we at The Jambar love our Dunkin’ and want to dive deeper into things. That’s why we had a little coffee tasting to see what coffee can be.

We tried five different coffees from three local roasters: Stone Fruit, Branch Street Coffee and Culture House Coffee. From Stone Fruit, we had coffee from Ethiopia and Guatemala; from Branch Street, we had Peru El Cipres and Rwandan coffee, and a Sumatran coffee from Culture House.

We learned a lot from the coffee tasting, especially how different coffee can be. Some coffees have a slight natural sweetness to them, while others can have a harsher, more bitter taste.

Tasting two different beans right next to each other makes you taste things you have not tasted before in coffee. The coffee from Peru tasted similar to carrots, while the Sumatran one had a more rounded, vegetal taste.

Exploration and comparison are essential when attending college. New experiences can help you find better study habits by finding a new routine and comparing it to another to find what works best for you.

You can learn a lot from exploring the everyday constants in your life with renewed vigor and appreciation. So go out there and explore.