The Jambar Column: Amateur detective Kyle Wills: The case of the plundered purse

By Laurel Stone

It was a peaceful, rainy day at The Jambar office. Samantha Smith had just finished photographing the Tiger mascot, Terrance, who was in for the big game before it was canceled due to stormy weather.

“How’d the shoot go?” Aileen Blaine, arts and entertainment editor, inquired. 

“Easy peasy,” Smith replied. “He was in and out within two minutes.”

She had just finished drying off the chair Terrance had been sitting in when suddenly the door burst open and Penny rushed in.

“I need your help!” Penny exclaimed. “Someone stole my purse!”

Kyle Wills, amateur detective, was on the case. 

“Calm down, Penny, and tell me everything that happened,” Wills said, ushering her into a seat and offering her a box of tissues. 

“Well, I was out in the Dunkin’ lounge enjoying a doughnut and left my bag for, oh, about 10 minutes or so to go over and say hi to my friend Ellen Tressel. When I went back to my table, my purse was gone!” Penny said, dabbing at her eyes and blowing her beak with a tissue.

“Hm. Did you happen to notice anyone suspicious before or after your purse went missing?” Wills inquired. 

“Pete stopped over for a bit to confirm our dinner plans for later, but there’s no reason for him to have taken it. Oh, and John Ostapowicz stopped over to ask how I liked his story last week, but he’s such a sweet boy, he wouldn’t do something like that,” Penny said.

“No one else came over to the table?” Wills pressed.

“It’s hard to say for sure. There were so many people in there hiding from the rain since the big game against the Tigers was canceled — all of their fans were huddled in staying dry since the bus wouldn’t pick them up until 4 o’clock. Everyone was starting to move around and get their stuff together, so it was hard to keep track — anyone could’ve been over there.” 

Wills looked up at the clock: 3:55. 

“I know who has your purse. Hold that bus!” Wills exclaimed.

Who has Penny’s purse and how did Wills figure it out? See page X to find out.

Who stole Penny’s purse?

Wills knew the Tiger mascot Terrance stole Penny’s purse because his fur was damp, meaning he must have rushed out in the rain to stash the purse on the bus before coming back in for his photo shoot.