The Economics of Change

By Mario Ricciardi

Tod Porter, chair of the economics department for the past 22 years, announced he would be passing on the torch to economics professor Ou Hu at Youngstown State University’s Economics Department’s annual Omicron Delta Epsilon induction ceremony.

Several economics professors and students went on to commemorate the impact Porter had on both their personal and professional lives.  

“Dr. Hu will do a really great job. He is really dedicated and sincere about developing the department further,” Porter said.

In retrospect, Porter said he was fortunate to see so much growth happen on campus over the past 22 years, that it was gratifying to witness the success of both undergraduate and graduate students, and he’s proud of the talent the economics department attracts.

Students, staff and faculty gathered at the ceremony for a sparsely attended but appropriately distributed night of warm and congenial comradery on April 18, contrasting the analytical rigour of daily coursework.

Omicron Delta Epsilon, the international honors society for economics, holds a dinner every year to not only honor the most recent inductees to YSU’s chapter, but also celebrate the winners of the annual Stock Essay Competition.

A.J. Sumell, an economics professor, said the event served many purposes. Along with honoring its students, this year’s ODE banquet acted as a way to express the collective spirit of the department in moving forward.

The night showed that in life there will always be a demand for change, and although change can be uncomfortable, scary or even sad, there will always be a healthy supply of love and support out there to smooth transitions.

Thomas McFall, a business administration major, said he was excited to attend the event and be in the company of other people who have the same passion.

“It’s great to see people joining the honors society,” he said