The best things you’ve never heard

What’s better than driving down the road with the radio blasting the hit single of your favorite artist? I would argue that it would be the B-side or a song that isn’t as well known.

In my last blog, when I ranted about the death of music’s physical manifestation, I failed to mention a downside to purchasing nothing except singles via iTunes or whatever — the loss of the gold that isn’t the radio single.

So much good music is lost in the mix of the humongous pool of musicians out there.

So, in this blog, I am going to give you, the reader, the gift of 10 amazing songs that you have never heard. You may or may not know the artists, but chances are, unless you’re a devoted fan, you haven’t heard of these songs.

1) Panic! at the Disco—“Camisado”

Seeing that exclamation point brings a smile to my heart. Along with Green Day, this band was the soundtrack to my high school junior and senior years. While everyone was singing along to the song that made them a household name, “I Write Sins, not Tragedies,” I listened to the entire “A Fever you cannot sweat out,” album on repeat.

I wrote that “Camisado,” was my favorite song in my senior spotlight in my school paper. This song is creepy, catchy and visual. It tells the tale of founding guitarist, Ryan Ross’ routine occurrence dealing with his father’s alcohol and drug addiction. We get a description of the hospital in the song, as well as what is going through his head. It’s a fast-pace song, so don’t listen to it if you tend to drive at the tempo of the song playing on the radio.

2) Jocelyn—“Storyline”

You can thank me now for introducing you to this band while they’re still in their infantry. I was blown away at their attention to lyrics and musicianship so early in the game. I’m lucky enough to have been introduced to them by my friend Liz Mitchell and fellow Youngstown State University student Chelsea Dunn.

The four gentlemen from Iowa recently released their second EP and my favorite song is “Storyline,” which is also the EP title.

I like that the song is visual, as a song titled “Storyline,” should be. It’s the closer on the LP so it sums up the theme of the album, which tells the stages of a relationship falling apart. “Storyline,” looks back at the entire tale. It’s a good cruise along on a Sunday afternoon listen.

3) The Ready Set—“Spinnin ”

The Ready Set has got a love like — woah! However, there are many more songs than the one that took the brain behind The Ready Set, Jordan Witzigreuter, from geek with a computer to heartthrob with a microphone. Witzigreuter released his first EP on DecayDance records in 2010. Along with “Love Like Woe,” my personal favorite track is “Spinnin.”

This song has the electro-dance groove that is strung throughout Witzigreuter’s songs. It’s about catching that special someone’s eye while they dance and being captivated by their every move. I can see why it wasn’t chosen as a single, as it’s not the catchiest of his songs, but it’s fun to dance to!

4) All Time Low—“Holly, Would You Turn Me On?”

We all know of my devotion to this band. They’ve solidified their pop-punk sound and have captured the heart of millions — including this girl. A hidden treasure on their 2007 full-length is “Holly, Would You Turn Me On?”

I like this song for it’s catchy hook and I’m a sucker for hidden messages in songs. Just looking at the title, or even listening to it once, you’d think this song is about a girl. However it’s about Hollywood. It will all make sense once you give it a listen.

5) The Bigger Lights — “Skinny Jeans”

The Bigger Lights have been on indefinite hiatus since Doghouse Records went under and they in-turn got screwed over. The biggest loss in the downfall of this band was all of their songs. It was hard to pick one song to talk about since every single one of their songs from both EPs and their full-length speaks musically and lyrically. So, I went with the song that has the most plays on my iPod, “Skinny Jeans.”

I honestly believe there hasn’t been a more beautiful love song written. It’s a beautiful ballad that starts out with a simple yet gorgeous piano line.

And the song has nothing to do with pants. Just listen to it.

Hopefully the band will make a comeback so the world can once again be exposed to their gift.

6) Big Time Rush (Yes, the Nickelodeon band.) — “Paralyzed”

Say what you will, this band stole my heart and is definitely my boy band of choice.

A lost song for this band is “Paralyzed,” a B-side for their 2011 release in Japan, and featured in an episode of their television show, Big Time Rush.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why this song wouldn’t be featured on the album. Without a doubt this song would be one of the most single-worthy. It had the catchiest hook of any other song on the album, and is one of the most danceable. This along with the typical storyline of being so captivated by someone that you can’t find the right words to say…I don’t know, I’m just flabbergasted this song wasn’t on the album.

Looking from a fan and a business point of view, I’m not sure why it wasn’t featured, but regardless, it graces all of my playlists.

7) Forever the Sickest Kids – “The Way She Moves”

Forever the Sickest Kids is without a doubt one of my favorite bands to see live. My best friend Ashley Owens and I can’t go on a drive without listening to this band and laughing at ourselves for the many way’s we’ve embarrassed ourselves in front of them.

Alas, I’ve never heard my favorite song live, “The way she moves.”

A song about a boy who blew his chances and now the girl is moving on the dance floor, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

This has the bleep-blop-bloops, and a hip-moving hook. Alas, it was long among their singles “Hey Brittany,” and “Woah Oh!”

8) Hannah Mahoney – “Just Like Springsteen”

Hannah Mahoney is a singer songwriter from Nashville. I’m surprised this country darling doesn’t have more “likes” on her Facebook page because her latest single “Just Like Springsteen,” is so good.

The song is perfect for that summer-time drive with the windows down. The signature country guitar is present in the song and is about admiring every girl’s weakness, the boy on stage.

Alluding to Bruce Springsteen is a smart move on her part. This mixed with the sing-along flow to the song lets me know I haven’t heard the last of her.

9) Set It Off — “Third Wheel”

Set It Off has quickly gone from my casual listen to one of my favorite bands and all it took for me was to see them live. One of my favorite songs from their EP “Horrible Kids,” is “Third Wheel.”

This song shows off their musicianship and proves they can do more than swing their guitars around.

It has a jazzy feel to it so that mixed with Cody Carson’s vocals makes for a song worthy for any showerhead, and an arena full of people.

10) Mariana’s Trench—“Plan B”

Mariana’s Trench took over their homeland of Canada and is slowly but surely making their mark in the United States. They released four singles with accompanying music videos from their last album “Ever After,” with a storyline. Toward the end I was hoping “Plan B” would be the final single.

Alas, they thought other songs were more single-worthy or fit the storyline better. A song about feeling blue that you’re always coming second in someone’s life, and yet you can’t help but run back to them at the drop of a hat.

Lead Singer Josh Ramsay’s use of lyric with his voice is what makes this rock song worthy of dancing to down the street while it blows your earphones out.

I’ve now given you 10 new songs for your iPod. I feel like you should return the favor.

What songs am I totally missing?

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