The beer’d mug

Breweries around the nation are starting to align themselves with the canned craft beer revolution.

By canning beer, breweries can assure that their product will retain freshness for consumers to enjoy.

Canned beers are the best choice for a great tasting beer, but many breweries choose to bottle their products.

Bottling exposes beer to sunlight that can turn your favorite brew into a skunky mess. Cans will protect beer from harmful sunlight and keep them from spoiling.

The Oskar Blues Brewery was the first to start canning their craft beer back in 2002. Since then, the brewery has paved the way for other breweries to join in on the craft beer can revolution.

Oskar Blues has just released its beer to be bought and sold in Ohio for the first time.

“Ohio has proven to be a strong and growing craft beer market,” said Chad Melis, a spokesman for Oskar Blues.

The brewery plans to open a new brewery in North Carolina that will be able to support the Ohio sales.

I have noticed that many bars and beer retailers in Youngstown have placed Oskar Blues on their shelves.

Ohio welcomes the strange and peculiar beers that make up Oskar Blues, and I urge you to take a swig of one of their finest ales.

Notable Oskar Blues beer

Dale’s Pale Ale was the first craft beer to be canned in 2002. It is a hefty American Pale Ale that brings a hop bitterness that you will either love or hate. Notes of citrus and pine flavors surround your palate and aim to deliver a powerful punch.

G’Knight is an Imperial Red India Pale Ale with a passion to make your taste buds pucker. Imperial ales are usually high in alcohol content and bitterness. G’Knight is heavily hopped with a strong, bitter character.

Gubna is an Imperial India Pale Ale that is extremely bitter. I swear that you can taste every flavor that was brewed into it. The strange characteristics of Gubna will put your taste buds to work.