The beer’d mug

Rogue Ales, a prominent brewery located in Newport, Ore., created a new recipe of beer brewed with yeast from a man’s beard.

It all started when Rogue Ales tested their newly harvested hops for yeast. The test came back negative, so the crew decided to send in a new yeast sample. As a joke, they sent in clippings of John Maier’s beard to the lab. The test results proved that the hair follicles contained a yeast cell that was perfect for brewing beer.

Rogue Ales has decided to produce a beer using Maier’s facial hair that will accommodate the type of yeast that his beard contains.

Maier, the brewmaster for Rogue Ales, hadn’t shaven his beard since the ’70s. “Yeast is everywhere,” Maier said.

The yeast that was developed from the brewmaster’s face will be a featured component of the new beer.

“You’re really not drinking the beard,” Maier said. “You’re drinking a great beer that happens to have a yeast in it that comes from a beard.”

Rogue Ales is known for producing a variety of bizarre beers that might make one cringe. Maier has brewed up many award-winning beers for the brewery, and was one of the first brewers to join Rogue from the start.

Rogue Ales stated that the “beard beer” would be called New Crustacean, and it will be released in 2013.

Other Bizarre Rogue Beer:

Voodoo Bacon Maple Ale is a tribute to a maple bar baked by Voodoo Doughnut. Bacon Maple Ale is brewed with maple syrup, bacon and smoked malts.

The first sip provides an interesting combination of ingredients that most will hate.

The beer gets better the more you drink it. Bacon Maple Ale is extremely sweet and smoky. Enjoy this beer at your own risk.

Rogue Chipotle Ale is another strange concoction that will wake you up. The beer is brewed with roasted chipotle peppers that provide a layer of smoky heat. This amber ale has won a handful of awards for Rogue Ales since 2002.

Notable Rogue Beer:

Dead Guy Ale is Rogue’s flagship beer; it’s a German Maibock with a deep copper color that features a rich and hearty flavor. Maibock beers are typically sweet and relatively strong. Dead Guy Ale has a few sweet spots, but watch out for its bitter bite.

Juniper Pale Ale is an American pale ale infused with whole juniper berries. The finished product is a moderately bitter brew that produces a florescent aroma along with a sweet, dry finish.