Thank you for being a friend

On campus, several individuals lack the confidence necessary to express themselves. October is Anti-Bullying Awareness Month, and it contains National Coming Out Week.

Sadly, they often go hand in hand.

To those struggling to accept who they truly are, we encourage them to seek support in the consoling arms of YSUnity members.

The campus community should be encouraging of its fellow members.

Tim Bortner, vice president of YSUnity, admits that he holds back his true self at times while on campus. Concern about a lack of acceptance or possible backlash stifles an otherwise proud Penguin.

YSUnity officers have aspirations for a more progressive society in the future.

Maybe then it won’t be necessary to label offices as “Safe Zones.”

In the midst of an election year, same-sex marriage is a dividing issue between the two parties. Some voters are now forced to accept an intrusion into the love lives of total strangers in order to have their political voice be heard.

What homosexuals need now, and especially next week, is support.

If you’re on the fence, rather than being indifferent or passive, show support for your questioning classmates.

So, next week, we ask our more opened-minded readers to be an ally.