Teammates, Friends, Sisters

McKinsie Klim competes in an invitational track tournament at the WATTS Center last spring. McKinsie, along with her sisters, will look to build upon last year’s successes during this cross-country season. Photo by Dustin Livesay/The Jambar.

The women’s cross-country team at Youngstown State University has learned that success occasionally comes in threes.

The Klim triplets — sophomores McKinsie, Melissa and Michelle — have already made positive contributions to the cross-country team, having clocked the best times for the Penguins during their first meet at the Duquesne Duals.

This year is the first season all three triplets are running for the Penguins cross-country team. While McKinsie began her collegiate cross-country career at YSU, Melissa and Michelle transferred to YSU from Ursuline College last spring.

McKinsie cites herself as a motivating force that influenced her sisters’ decision to come to YSU.

“I talked about how many different places we’ve been for competitions,” she said. “I talked it up to make them want to come here.”

Since transferring, both Melissa and Michelle have expressed satisfaction with YSU’s cross-country team.

“The girls on the team are really friendly and immediately made me feel welcome,” Melissa said. “They’re not only people I practice with, but also my friends.”

Michelle echoed Melissa’s positive sentiments regarding the cross-country team.

“I was … attracted to the team and how they worked together,” Michelle said.

The triplets also indicated that being bonded as teammates has made their friendship and sisterhood stronger.

“It made us close because now we go on runs together,” McKinsie said. “And we’re around each other a lot more. It’s nice.”

Michelle agreed, but also said that sometimes the sisters see too much of one another.

“Being teammates with my sisters is pretty cool,” she said. “And it does make our friendship better, although since we live with each other now, sometimes it’s nice to get away from one another if one of us has had a bad day.”

Having the Klim sisters on the cross-country team has provided an added spark to practices.

“Michelle and McKinsie are both really enthusiastic about running, and they encourage the team through workouts and meets,” Melissa said. “Both of my sisters try to have a positive outlook about running and try to get the team in the same mindset.”

McKinsie took a moment to discuss her and her sisters’ intangible qualities.

“We compete with each other,” she said. “So it’s just going after each other that makes us want to go faster.”

The women’s cross-country team won the Horizon League Championship last year. McKinsie said the team definitely has what it takes to repeat a league win this year.