Suspect in off-campus robberies arrested

Youngstown Police arrested a 17-year-old suspect early Tuesday morning in connection to a series of robberies north of Wick Park. Officers searched the suspect’s residence on Norwood Avenue where they found key pieces of evidence that led to the suspect’s eventual arrest.
In the past month, the north side of Youngstown has been plagued by seven armed robberies and one aggravated burglary, all between the hours of 9 p.m. and 2:30 a.m. Police described the two — possibly three — offenders as black males between 15-20 years of age and around 5’9.” They are typically dressed in all black and are armed with handguns.
With only one of the three possible suspects in custody, police are still searching for more evidence that could lead to the other suspect — or suspects.
The first robbery occurred on August 12 at 11:55 p.m. on Elm Street with victims describing the robbers as two young men ranging between 5’10” to 6-feet in height.
On August 17, two more robberies occurred on the North Side, each similar descriptions of the suspects — two young black males around 5’10” inches in height.
Between August 18 and August 22, three more armed robberies and one aggravated burglary occurred, with the perpetrators each matching the previous descriptions.
The robberies stopped until 1 a.m.  Monday, where two males, one of which was a YSU student, fell victim to two robbers on Alameda Avenue. Once again, the victims’ detailing of the robbers matched the descriptions from the robberies weeks before.
The Youngstown State University Police Department also had a vested interest in these robberies, as five YSU students fell victim during the spree. Due to the mutual aid agreement signed with the city which allows YSUPD to assist in crimes off-campus, YSU Police were able to work in tandem with the Youngstown Police Department to help lead to the first arrest. Both departments increased patrols in areas that could be possible targets for more robberies, and YSUPD also provided investigative staff to help in this hunt.
“I am grateful for the dedicated efforts of the City and YSU Police in capturing the suspect — it has been a concern of many on our campus and we are glad to see the arrest being made,” YSU president Randy Dunn said on the recent arrest. “However, I also encourage all of our YSU students to continue maintaining smart practices to ensure their safety and security: keeping track of surroundings at all times, traveling in groups, knowing the location of our 81 outside emergency telephones, signing up for YSU Alerts, and using our student security escort service. Even though the arrest is a good thing, we want to do all we can to prevent crime around the campus and in the neighborhoods”
YSU Police Chief John Beshara and Youngstown Police Chief Rod Foley could not be reached for comment.