Summer Internships

By Zach Srnis

Summers for college students are normally more relaxing than time spent in school. A few students, however, decide to take advantage of their summers and different internships that can be used as class credit at Youngstown State University.

Christina Costello is in charge of the internships for the Williamson College of Business Administration. She said if businesses want to be a part of YSU’s internship program, they usually reach out and contact her directly. From there, the addition is discussed by the chairs.

If approved, the business becomes one of many that certain students can choose from when pursuing internships. Costello said students should consider working an internship, because it gives them real world experience while they are still in college.

“The student is given professional-level responsibilities that they must perform,” Costello said. “The students are then able to take what they have done and apply it to their classroom work. Internships are not mandatory, but we highly recommend internships to students.”

Kristen Day was one of the students that chose to take part in an internship over the summer. Day not only worked an internship, but took the opportunity to intern internationally.

“My internship was at a Public Relations firm in Sydney, Australia called Cardinal Spin,” Day said. “For the first two weeks I helped out with the Sydney Film Festival and then just worked with their other clients when that festival ended. I worked to ensure that media coverage of all events were being tracked.”

Day said the internship brought more challenges than she expected, but ended up teaching her a lot about overseas business and culture.

Octavious Jones is another YSU student that decided to do a summer internship through Williamson.

“I interned at the Mahoning County Coroner’s,” Jones said. “I had the opportunity to work with Chief Pathologist Dr. Joseph Ohr and the death investigators. I assisted Dr. Ohr and the investigators in the morgue.”

Jones was also tasked with collection of the personal items from the deceased and properly bagging them for the family. Both Jones and Day felt that the experience they gained during their internships was worth sacrificing a more relaxing summer.

“I learned so much not only professionally but also personally,” said Day. “It was one of the best decisions I ever made.”