Style and Beauty: A Crazy Way of Life


By Gino Diguilio


In my short 21 years, I have seen and heard a lot. I have learned about life, what is important in life and especially what people consider to be high priority in our culture. I have realized that your “status” in society is divided into categories: what socioeconomic branch you fall into, who you are, where you come from, what you have and, the craziest, what you wear.


In fact, one can see this is true from the multitude of journalistic empires specifically surrounded by the world of beauty and style. The more beautiful you are, or even the more fashion-forward people are held at a higher standard than the rest of society. This holds true for both women and men alike. And in my opinion, I have acknowledged this as the most asinine and hilarious subject matters in our modern society.


As you age and mature, things like fashion and what is considered beautiful change in perspective of the times. You learn to develop your own style. And through my own process of finding my personal style, I could not help but laugh at the fact that if I don’t wear a specific brand, or a specific type of pants, I will be looked at as a lesser person than the citizen next to me. If you think about it, clothes are just oddly shaped irrelevant pieces of cloth that somehow hold the power to mold you, devalue you and, in some places, degrade you as a person.


But that is just it. Clothes are just cool covers for your person. Does it really matter what you’re wearing? I completely understand that clothes can give you confidence. If you think you look good, you will normally feel good in the end. But that should be all that matters. If “youthink you look good, then why worry about what others think of you or ask yourself, “is this fashionable enough?” Because most of the time, no it isn’t. Fashion is constantly changing and to be quite frank, it always makes zero sense to the normal person.


Have you ever seen pictures of models on the runway? They are wearing absolutely ridiculous clothes that look so crazy that nobody would wear them in public, or even maybe in private! So just remember the next time you are getting dressed in the morning or picking out an outfit to go out on the town. Fashion is a hilarious way to divide society. It is ridiculous, crazy, ghastly and down right awkward. So don’t feel that what you’re wearing defines you.


No matter what, your personality will shine through regardless if you are wearing a Prada dress or a $4.99 blouse from H&M. Style is just a weird way of saying, “I have no clue what I am doing, but I tried!”