Study up on the Lord

The Bible Talks organization meets on Sunday mornings at Old North Church. Photo courtesy of

By Jazelle Artman 

The Bible Talks is an organization created by Old North Church that provides bible studies for students at Youngstown State University. The Bible Talks was created in fall 2021, and is led by pastor Bruce Chaimai. 

Chaimai is employed at the church and is also a leader for the organization. Chaimai said the church wanted to create an organization with a goal of reaching out to Christian and non-Christian students. 

“We want to find as many opportunities to sit down with students and study the Bible,” Chaimai said. 

Senior nursing major, Ashley Fabian has been a part of the organization since the beginning of fall 2021. Fabian and Chaimai began working on the idea of the outreach in summer 2021. 

“My pastor, Bruce, approached me and expressed his desire to start an organization so we got working on it,” Fabian said. 

The organization holds monthly meetings called plugs to connect with students and provide an opportunity for others to join.

“The [meetings] are meant for people that would never think about reading the Bible. It is a little more accessible for someone who has never been in a church. [Instead, they can] come ice skate or come to a brunch. Our students do fun stuff all the time,” Chaimai said.  

Although the organization holds monthly meetings, it also provides daily Bible studies for students. 

Chaimai said Bible quads are small meetings that consist of four students. Bible quads are subject to change depending on student availability. 

“We have small Bible studies that are happening every day on campus. I think [around] 14 [meetings daily],” Chaimai said. 

The organization also provides Bible studies off campus at Old North Church. Sunday school is offered on Sunday mornings to students that currently attend the church or wish to join. 

“We have about 50 of us that meet on a Sunday morning. We have worship music playing and then I will teach for a short while. [Then], they will break into groups [for] an hour meeting,” Chaimai said. 

Junior accounting major, Ashley Thompson, said she has been a part of the organization since spring 2022. Thompson said being a part of the organization has given her an opportunity to make friends with similar beliefs and have fun. 

“It is easy to make friends because everyone is so welcoming and friendly. You get to learn with a lot of people who are completely centered around the word of God,” Thompson said. “There are so many wonderful people who genuinely love the Lord and love to love people.”

The organization currently has over 70 members and actively accepts new members.

“Anyone can join. Anyone [that is] interested in reading the Bible [and] studying the Bible. They have to be a student here, but there are some students that graduate [and] still keep coming,” Chaimai said. 

For more information about the organization, go to The Bible Talks Instagram page @thebibletalksysu.