Study Abroad Without Spending a Fortune

By Taylor Dressel 

Youngstown State University is hosting a study abroad fair today from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Ohio Room of Kilcawley Center to help students learn about available programs, manage expenses and earn scholarships.

There are plenty of scholarships and loans available to students who want to study abroad, said Ann Gardner, the head of the study abroad programs.

“If students have already received scholarships towards their tuition at Youngstown State University, those scholarships follow them and can be used to study abroad,” Gardner said.  

Not all students receive financial aid for school. According to Gardner, that shouldn’t stop students either.

“There are also scholarships designed for study abroad,” Gardner said. “In addition, CLASS students can submit proposals for assistance to receive CLASS college fees to help support study abroad experiences.”

Taylor Kutsch, a senior at YSU, is a social work major who can vouch for Gardner’s claim.

“They are easy to access,” Kutsch said They are on YSU’s website and the carrier you chooser’s website.”

Kutsch spent time in London this past summer. Although she didn’t make the deadline for the scholarships, Kutsch still recommends studying abroad to all.

“It was an awesome experience to be able to see another country while gaining college credit,” she said. “I also don’t believe I would be able to see some of the things that I did if I haven’t gone abroad with a school provider.”

Craig Higham, a student at YSU, recently spent time in Japan.. He was one of the students who received a scholarship to go abroad for school.

“I received the Benjamin A. Gilman International scholarship,” Higham said. “The scholarship wasn’t difficult to find. YSU’s CISP department recommend the scholarship and the application process is entirely online for this particular scholarship.”

However, sometimes, all the scholarships are given out or you have missed the deadline to apply.

“Students can use federal financial aid to cover reasonable study abroad expenses. Students can contact Gina McHenry, associate director of financial aid, to make an appointment to discuss their situation,” Gardner said.

“The first thing I did was go to the study abroad fair,” Kutsch said.

Gardner agreed that this is the first step any student interested in study abroad should do.  

“Students who would like to study abroad should attend one of our weekly study abroad information sessions on Fridays at noon in Jones Hall 1042. They should also attend a study abroad fair,” Gardner said.