Students Grow Eager to Graduate

Spring commencement will be held on May 17 in the Beeghly Physical Education Center. Roughly 1,110 undergraduate students will receive their diplomas.
Spring commencement will be held on May 17 in the Beeghly Physical Education Center. Roughly 1,110 undergraduate students will graduate.

Graduate and undergraduate seniors at Youngstown State University are preparing their gowns and tassels for commencement on May 17.

Graduation will be held in the Beeghly Physical Education Center on Saturday starting at 10 a.m. with the undergraduate ceremony. The graduate students’ ceremony follows at 2:30 p.m.

According to the office of Alumni and Events Management, 118 students in the graduate program will be graduating, along with roughly 1,110 in the undergraduate program.

Bob Schroder, president and chief executive officer at Humility of Mary Health Partners, will be speaking to the audience to kick off commencement.

Charles Howell, dean of the Beeghly College of Education, offered his advice to graduating students and wished them well on wherever their paths may lead.

“Remain true to the professional standards you’ve learned in this program; enjoy being a teacher. Keep the needs of your students at the heart of your professional goals and your work. Keep in touch with the college in person and through Facebook, and let us know what we can do to help you further in your career,” Howell said.

Senior Natalie Shipula said she is going for a second degree in art, and she operates her own produce farm. Like many graduating students, she is not quite sure where life will take her.

“This will be my second degree and my second college so I am glad to finally be done. After graduation … is still up in the air. I know that I will be working at my business and trying to make it grow. I’m a wherever the wind takes me kind of person so I’m excited to be done with school and moving on to the next path. Where it takes me, who knows,” Shipula said.

Some students have a definitive plan in mind. Andrew Thomas, art major, said he is pursuing a career in teaching fine arts to college students.

“I’m relieved to be graduating this semester, and my plans as of right now are to go to Kent State and work on my masters of fine arts degree. Hopefully, I’ll then find a nice university to work at,” Thomas said.

Daniel Catello, a senior that is double majoring in mathematics and economics, said that he is going to work for Nationwide Insurance after he graduates.

“I’m going to work for Nationwide Insurance in Cleveland as an actuary. I have a double major in mathematics and economics and a minor in actuarial science. I’m excited because it’s the end of a long road, and I’m finally able to achieve that goal of getting a degree, realizing future success, and getting ready to start life as an adult,” Catello said.

Editor’s note: The original story published stated that students would be receiving their diplomas at the ceremony. However, degrees are not awarded until after the ceremony. Diplomas will be available for pick up in Jone’s Hall beginning June 10.