Students’ Favorite Video Games

By Jambar Contributor
Dan Genaro

Between class and studying, students at Youngstown State University have little free time throughout the semester, so many indulge in video games as a quick escape from their busy schedules.

Using free time productively is important to all students, video games—with their difficulty and ultimate goal to win—give students who play them a simulated sense of accomplishment away from their school work.

Sophomore Luciano Romeo, a business administration major, and freshman Ryan Lee, a marketing major, said their favorite game is “Call of Duty.”

Romeo said “Call of Duty: World War II” is his favorite game because the creators of the game did an excellent job portraying everything that transpired.

“I love learning about this time in history and the warfare and tragedy that happened,” Romeo said. “The creators of the game brought this time back to life by showing us the culmination of the war and ultimately how we came together as a nation to fight for what was right.”

On the other hand, Lee said he likes “Call of Duty” because it reminds him of his childhood.

“It was one of the first games I ever got for Playstation 3,” Lee said. “Me and my cousin would play it constantly all day long together.”

Freshman Noah Pechatsko, a criminal justice major, also enjoys shooter style games, saying his favorite is “Rainbow Six Siege.”

As a criminal justice major, Pechatsko said the game reminds him of what he is studying to become.

“It actually makes me feel like I’m doing what I’m doing, except in a video game,” Pechatsko said.

Beyond the shooter and war games, sophomore social studies and education major, Sean Zekkour, said he prefers the “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune” series—an adventurous game of dangerous treasure hunting.
“It’s the most realistic and cinematic game I’ve ever played,” Zekkour said. “It’s made me contemplate traveling the world and becoming a treasure hunter after playing.”

Many students prefer recently released games, but others still partake in the classics.

Sophomore nursing major, Megan Politano, said her favorite game is “Mario Cart” for the Gamecube, but she also likes playing games on her phone.

“I play angry birds a lot and I’m obsessed with the phone games,” Politano said. “I used to play the Wii before it broke, but now I like the Gamecube.”

Whether it is the Playstation, Xbox, Gamecube, or even a smartphone, students at YSU enjoy the competitive, mind-teasing nature of video games.