Student Feature: Jared Vanasdale

By David Ford

For nearly 15 years, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company faced a reoccurring problem. With the help of a new invention, that problem will ultimately be solved.

Its inventor? Youngstown State University student Jared Vanasdale.

The Improved Extruder System, according to Vanasdale, is a mechanism designed to eliminate the occurrence of stock rubber strips biting off Goodyear tires during the extrusion process.

After Vanasdale joined Goodyear, a group of engineers introduced him to the company’s persistent, 15-year issue.

“They are excited to see a working solution,” Vanasdale said. “They are also excited to see that one of their prided co-ops created it.”

He said the invention could potentially lower tire prices for its consumers while increasing the efficiency of tire production.

Vanasdale said the invention is still undergoing the patent process, but he said he definitely thinks it will go through.

Despite recent success, Vanasdale said he’ll continue to challenge himself, no matter the task at hand.

“I always have tricks up my sleeve,” Vanasdale said.

During his sophomore year, Vanasdale said he was introduced to Goodyear by a friend and colleague, Carmen Marinucci, who raved about the company.

“I had a friend of mine that did a summer internship at Goodyear. When he came back, he kept going on and on about how great it was,” he said. “He initially recommended me and sparked my interest with the company when I was a sophomore.”

While Marinucci interned at Goodyear, the company asked him to recommend other interns. He said it was the perfect opportunity to build their intern program, all while representing YSU.

Initially, he recommended two students that he said were most deserving of consideration, one was Vanasdale.

“Jared was the hardest-working person in our mechanical engineering class and the other engineer I recommended I thought was the smartest person in our class,” he said. “After I was able to express how valuable they could be to the company, Jared’s resume and people skills did the rest.”

Marinucci will work full-time at the Goodyear plant in Akron this June.

When Vanasdale initially met with engineers at Goodyear, he knew exactly why Marinucci recommended the company to him, and vice versa.

“Goodyear offered an information session that I attended and created connections with,” Vanasdale said. “I knew that they were a top local employer and offered opportunities for co-ops to travel so I became excited with the company.”

Vanasdale was awarded the co-op Student of the Year Award at the YSU Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Awards Dinner. In addition, he was nominated as a finalist for the Expy awards.

He will speak at the STEM Honors Convocation on April 23, where he said he’ll provide words of wisdom to the younger students.

Without the help from STEM and its faculty, Vanasdale said none of this would be possible.

“I’ve had a lot of people challenge me, especially the head of the department, Dr. [Hazel] Marie,” he said. “She’s really challenged me in my studies, and just at the STEM Awards Dinner, she called me out in front of the audience to speak.”

In addition, Vansdale said Kyosung Choo, assistant professor of mechanical and industrial engineering, has been a mentor to him through the STEM program.

“I feel like I’ve been really lucky lately,” Vanasdale said. “I know a lot of students who deserve even more recognition than I’m receiving right now, so being able to be the one who’s getting the spotlight, it’s been sweet.”

He said the rigorous and challenging engineering curriculum has better prepared him his future career. Vanasdale said he also spends time doing several outside activities.

Vanasdale participates as a member of the YSU hockey team. He was named captain in 2016, but a semester in Fayetteville, North Carolina, prevented him from playing the entire 2017 season. He also is an EMT student.

“I am currently taking a course at Lane Life Trans to become an EMT,” he said. “The intensity of being a part of the Emergency Medical Service, and being on the front lines helping people in need is something I really enjoy.”