Staying Active While Staying Home

By Samantha Smith

Youngstown State University’s Andrews Wellness and Recreation Center began to offer virtual fitness options at the start of the pandemic for those trying to stay active. Home workout videos, wellness videos, virtual intramural offerings and more can be found on their website. 

Ryan McNicholas, associative director of campus recreation, explained the services they provide.

Campus Recreation employee Soriya Rezapourian demonstrates a series of stretches and exercises to try at home. Photo courtesy of Ryan McNicholas

“Since the start of the pandemic, we started really focusing a lot on virtual fitness,” he said. “We’ve done online Group X classes, and we’ve done some videos to explain how the equipment we have offered here at the rec center can be implemented in someone’s daily workout routine.”

Amanda Reardon, coordinator of membership and marketing at the rec center, said the rec center hosts virtual events for students, along with virtual workouts. 

“We do have some great virtual programs that we’re trying to get people involved in and give them something to do and still encourage social interaction, even if it has to be virtually,” she said.

The rec center will utilize student comments and advice to make the virtual fitness option more successful and bring more students in to join.

“We’ve gotten some requests for some more diversity of classes, a variety of classes,” McNicholas said. “So we’ve implemented a few of those to make sure we’re meeting everyone’s needs.”

For those who still would like to work out in-person at the rec center, Reardon said the center has made sure all the equipment within the building is meeting the COVID-19 guidelines.

“We have everything spaced out so everyone can still come in and work out,” she said. “You do have to wear a mask, but we have taken lots of precautions and extra cleaning and things like that, so people can work out in a clean environment and safe environment.”

The general cost for students to join or sign up for the rec center membership is a general fee that is tied-in with their tuition, meaning they can use the facilities provided as long as they have a valid YSU ID. There is a $10 daily fee for students enrolled in online courses or the College Credit Plus program. A semester pass for online-only students is $60, and $70 for CCP students.

For more information on any of the virtual fitness options, visit YSU’s virtual recreation webpage.