Spreading awareness for safety

Dear Editor,

Pesticides are toxic chemicals that can potentially cause severe issues to living organisms. Many individuals are unaware of how dangerous these pesticides are. It may also be unfamiliar that many everyday products may have encountered pesticides or may utilize this poison for effectiveness. It is crucial to spread awareness about the vulnerability pesticides put onto the community. The population in general is at risk from these dangerous chemicals. They are used in lawn care to control unwanted weeds, in agriculture to prevent destruction from insects, and they are put on produce to prevent decay. They then run off into rivers and local water sources, that may eventually get into the drinking water. Pesticides can be found almost everywhere; in the water, in the air, in the soil, and even transmitted from mother to baby through breast milk. 

Pesticides are proven to cause a vast number of health disturbances and issues. These disturbances consist of reproductive problems, developmental problems, cancer, endocrine disorders, kidney and liver disorders, and many others. Although everyone is at risk of contamination from pesticides, there are some people that risk exposure much more frequently. Agricultural workers are in the immediate area that pesticides are utilized for growth of crops and prevention of destruction from insects. In addition, households that use toxic pesticides to rebel bugs, weeds, or to treat their gardens are at an elevated risk.

Prevention is key! Although pesticides are prevalent almost everywhere, there are ways that one can protect themself from over-exposure and detrimental effects. The most effective way is to determine when pesticides are necessary, and when other non-chemical products can be used to solve the issue instead. If pesticides are the only option, it is important to research which chemicals are the least toxic and unsafe for well-being. The second thing that can be done is to follow directions strictly, protecting oneself from direct contact with chemicals. Sometimes PPE, or personal protective equipment, is necessary to reduce exposure. Another intervention one can take would be to thoroughly wash all produce, especially fruits and vegetables, before eating.

The dangers of pesticides may never be fully eradicated, but it is critical to spread awareness. Parents and other members of the community should be aware of the consequences and should intervene as much as possible to prevent contamination. Minimizing the use of pesticides will help contribute to a healthier and safer community.


Cierra Latronica