A Spinning Class That Will Inspire You

By Jennifer Rodriguez

Cornel Bogdan has been holding spinning classes since the mid-90s and said he loves it. It keeps him in shape and reduces stress levels. During his classes, he spreads messages of inspiration and motivation.

Q: What made you want to start doing this?

A: I was always Mr. Jock, but I needed that competition. As you start to get older, the competition fades and I wanted to challenge myself. I’m also a stress monger so I know for a fact when I work out I am better for humanity.

Q: When and where do you hold these classes?

A: I’m here at Youngstown State on Saturdays and I’m at a place called Black Boxx Spinning in Niles on Mondays and Tuesdays. I’m at the Niles Wellness Center on Thursdays and I may do a fill in somewhere at one of those places. I do go through the summer, but not at YSU because they aren’t open on weekends. But I’m at YSU during fall and spring semesters and at my other locations all year around.

Q: Why is this type of class important?

A: The big thing I try to get across is everybody goes through their day and has their stress. Whether you’re a 19- or 20-year-old college student or a 60-year old guy working at GM. For 45-60 minutes, it’s okay to get selfish. I compare it to a cell phone, you’re in there charging your battery. As you start to get older, people work out because of health but you don’t realize how much you need to work out for your mental and spiritual well-being. You come in with problems and you leave and you don’t have any. You feel a lot better.

Q: What are some challenges people may face when it comes to working out?

A: The hardest thing about a workout is getting to the gym. Getting into your car, loading up your stuff and dealing with whatever problems you have and getting there. But once you get there, that’s the easy part. Usually there are 15-20 people at the class, and I love self motivators. These people are showing up at 12:15 on a Saturday to work out. Those are the kinds of people that I like to hang around.

Q: What kind of positive message do you try and implement during your classes?

A: I run into so many different people at the facilities I work out at that have gone through issues, whether it be personal, with their work or their careers and they say “Man I should’ve done this” or “I should’ve done that.” But you learn from the past and you have got to move forward. Never once do I say during the class to pedal backwards. So that’s been my big push whereever I’ve been at. You can’t beat yourself up for so many things, but move forward. Forward, forward, forward.