Social Media Brown Bag Lunch Series: Snapchat

By Courtney Cina
Jambar Contributor

Youngstown State University offered its final social media marketing workshop of the year on April 30 in Kilcawley in the Ohio Room with 14 people in attendance.

The Department of Communication’s Social Media Essentials Brown Bag Lunch Series held the workshop.

“Snapchat is the social media platform that I know the least about,” Adam Earnheardt, chair of the communications department and social media expert, said.

Ryan McNicholas, assistant director of marketing for fitness and wellness programs, and Matt O’Dell, graduate assistant of fitness and wellness programs, were guest speakers.

The workshop presented how to use and operate Snapchat to advertise and attract the attention of selected viewers.

“Snapchat has so many features to enhance and encourage events and ads, like filters and lenses,” McNicholas said.

He said Snapchat is a social media medium that appeals most to the younger demographic because the application was launched in 2011.

According to the workshop presenters, people born before 1992 are less likely to use Snapchat.

“Marketing on Snapchat can potentially reach all demographics due to advertisements, and it is starting to attract users who were never on before,” O’Dell said.

The workshop presenters said Generation X has a better understanding of Snapchat, and with the help of YSU’s social media experts, young adults can develop a better understanding for the use of the app.

McNicholas and O’Dell said Snapchat is the medium they’re using to reach students, and attract them to events and activities taking place at YSU Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center using the features that Snapchat has such as filters and lenses.

The Rec is the first of many places on campus trying to use and incorporate social media as a popular medium.

“The engagement of the students and campus faculty and programs is important on social media, therefore this app lets students become and stay involved,” Earnhardt said.

According to the workshop presenters, they are making efforts to increase the amount of Snapchat users and followers on campus, and helping marketers use the application appropriately.

McNicholas and O’Dell are using marketing on Snapchat to not only let the students know what is taking place at the YSU rec, but to have a better understanding of how to keep students engaged to campus.

The Brown Bag Lunch Series will be hosting another workshop in fall 2019, stay updated by YSU’s website or follow up with Earnheart.