Social Media Ambassadors Aim to Tell YSU’s Story

By Victoria Remley

Youngstown State University recently introduced student social media ambassadors, aiming to tell the stories of the university through social media by a variety of students with different backgrounds and majors.

Each student social media ambassador has their own Instagram account and makes posts relating to all things YSU.  

Kati Hartwig, the social media and digital marketing coordinator at YSU, said social media ambassadors are volunteer students who market the university from their perspectives.

In Hartwig’s opinion, students receive information well from other students.

“We figured if we had some students telling their story online and on social media, then it would be a really awesome way for our current students, and our prospective students to see what life is like here at Youngstown State University,” Hartwig said.

The ambassadors create content for YSU and gain social media management skills. Each ambassador creates a brand Instagram account they manage themselves. They also deal with content creation.

“Students are vital to telling a story, especially on a college campus. This role is extremely important in telling that story,” Hartwig said.

Any student from any program can apply to be a social media ambassador. To be an ambassador, students have to follow the group on their social media accounts, fill out an application online and go through training.

“The goal is to not just have students from one college telling the same story, but having students across all different disciplines and all different colleges telling a different story,” Hartwig said.

She said the office of marketing and communications would not be able to function without student ambassadors.

“We rely on them so heavily, and it’s so great to have them as hands-on learners willing to really get into it and help and get their hands dirty with things,” Hartwig said.

Lexi Timko, the university’s social media assistant and a senior communication major, said students like to hear from other students when discussing on-campus events.

“I feel like that’s something that students are going to give their honest opinions on, and I think that’s what’s so valuable about a student ambassador,” Timko said.

Timko described her experience working for YSU’s social media as hands on and a rewarding experience based on teamwork.

“Having such a small team to work with, it gets you really in the nitty-gritty of everything, which is awesome. I’ve learned so much just from my short time here,” she said.

Students interested in social media should try being a social media ambassador or social media assistant. Timko said the positions teach students about having a social media account and showing off a brand.

Alyssa Osman, a social media ambassador and a freshman communication major, said being a student social media ambassador will help her get students involved on campus.

“I think it will make them more involved and allows them to see campus from a different perspective — especially on a small campus like YSU,” Osman said.

The ambassador application for the fall 2019 semester can be found at: For more information about the social media ambassador team