So long Thompson-Sacherman House

For years, YSU has owned properties that it, unfortunately, hasn’t been able to upkeep.

We say “unfortunately” because the Thompson-Sacherman House has served as a distinct landmark in our city, and even though it appears on the National Register of Historic Places, the home is another capital drag on YSU’s pocketbook.

This is the second time in nearly a year the house has been scheduled for demolition — this time because of property maintenance violations.

The university should have taken advantage of it a year ago when it was temporarily saved from the wrecking ball.

John Hyden, executive director of facilities at YSU, said insufficient funds were the justification for its lack of preservation.

Harry Meshel blamed the property owner.

“The buyer bought the property before they had any idea what they wanted to do with it,” Meshel said. “The buyer has decided to tear it down and doesn’t have the heart or willingness to do what is supposed to be done with these buildings.”

Meshel may be right. Maybe the property owner should have invested plans and money into the house. Maybe the university should have invested more time, effort and money.

And again, unfortunately, neither party did so.

It’s time to put an end to the depreciation of YSU’s rescued and adopted properties.

With a budget deficit to fill and looming state cuts, YSU would be wise to sever this property and others, like the Wick Pollock House. After finally beginning to make renovations on it in September, YSU is now locked in an incredibly wasteful $3 million plan.

How was rebuilding overlooked in a time of financial insecurity?

Cut your losses.

Instead of playing the blame game, YSU should move forward by working closely with the city to ensure that the building is razed and that the property enhances the university both aesthetically and economically.

1 comments Anonymous Mon Dec 12 2011 13:23 I believe the Wick-Pollock House and it’s renovations were part of the “new” president’s contract and word has it she’ll be living there. What irks me is the loss of the parking deck–when parking is at a premium–and will the rest of us lowly slobs still be able to enjoy the YSU-student rejuvenated gardens?