Sitting down with Strollo

Ron Strollo sitting in his office inside Stambaugh Stadium. Photo by John Ostapowicz / The Jambar

By Elizabeth Coss and John Ostapowicz / The Jambar

With renovations to Beeghly Center around the corner, The Jambar sat down with Ron Strollo, executive director of Intercollegiate Athletics, to talk about what comes next for the department. 


Where will extra money go?

Plans for additional renovations are in consideration for Beeghly Center, according to Strollo. 

He explained additional funds collected from the current project will likely go into follow-up phases, with restroom and locker room upgrades and a club room at Beeghly Center’s north entrance.

“There’s a concession stand that we don’t utilize on the north end that we’d like to take that space and create a little bit of a club room,” Strollo said. “We’ve just probably started the process of talking about what we want to do in those areas.”

Strollo said he would like to see the club room’s space sell YSU merchandise to raise extra revenue for the department. 


The future is female

In a few years, YSU may have more opportunities for female athletes. 

Strollo explained Athletics may add a new women’s program to keep up with Title IX gender equity provisions. 

“I’m guessing within the next three or four years, we might be adding the women another program. I’m not sure what that program is,” Strollo said. “Because of the number of student-athletes we have and the amount of money we invest on the men’s side compared to the women, we need to continue to invest in the women’s programs.”


Chill-Can catch up

In 2022, The Jambar reported West Coast Chill, the owner company of the Chill-Can, owe the Athletic Department $185,000 after its sponsorship deal fell through. 

Strollo confirmed the company still owes Athletics the same amount and said he hopes the money will be returned soon. 

“We’ve been in discussion with the Chill-Can company in hopes that we will still obtain those dollars,” Strollo said. 

Strollo said he does not know when the Athletic Department will receive the funds.