Show some love for the Buckeye State

Ohio isn’t a bad place to call home.

It might seem like it is to us natives, especially as we’re trudging through the brutal month of February, but this state has its perks.

Sure, the weather here certainly borders on bipolar, but there is something oddly entertaining about flashing from 60 degrees and a thunderstorm to 25 degrees and a snowstorm. It definitely keeps you on your toes, if nothing else. Just the same, I think we Buckeyes see a nice balance of all four seasons, which really helps a person truly experience a year.

Ohio really does boast some great things for residents and visitors alike. For starters, Ohio is one of the safer states in the union for avoiding natural disasters. A New York Times infographic placed several areas in northeast and southwest Ohio at a medium risk for tornados. Meanwhile, northeastern Ohio and western Ohio registered as having minor risks for earthquakes. Ohio has seen its fair share of floods in the past, but, overall, the state ranks as one of the safest of the 50 — unless you plan to uproot yourself to the northern Plains.

Geographically speaking, Ohio is in an excellent location for people who love to travel. Depending on what part of the state you live in, you can get to a great many excellent destinations in less than a day of driving. The list of places is an astounding one and includes Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; New York City; Toronto; Nashville, Tenn.; Chicago; Indianapolis; and even Detroit, although I am not so sure why you would want to go there.

Looking inside the Buckeye State, there’s plenty to love as well. Ohio has three excellent cities lined up diagonally: the northeast metropolis of Cleveland; the heart and soul of the state in Columbus; and Cincinnati, or the “Queen of the West,” in the southwest. I have visited all three of these cities, and I really think they all have a particular Midwestern charm that you just have to love.

My favorite of the three — as you might’ve guessed — is Cleveland, which is only an hour away from Youngstown and home to my beloved Cleveland Indians. Aside from that combination, there’s just something awe-inspiring about the great city on the lake that’s full of history and entertainment. You just can’t go wrong.

Let’s not forget that the term “rock ‘n’ roll” was coined in Ohio, which is why we house the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Not only did we give birth to the term that defined an excellent genre of music, but we have been the origin of a few not-so-bad bands as well. The Black Keys, anyone?

I know that it sometimes seems like living in Ohio is not ideal, especially when facing the winter doldrums. When I really think about it, though, I kind of like it here.

I always say I want to move away, preferably south, and that is not untrue.

But if and when I do, I will always be proud to call Ohio my home.