SGA Informs Students of Candidacy

By Courtney Cina
Jambar Contributor

Student Government Association elections are right around the corner and students have every opportunity to get involved.

Students interested in getting involved in the elections, whether its voting or becoming a potential candidate, there is information available around campus, online and multiple buildings regarding how to participate and guidelines about candidacy.

For students who want to become a part a of SGA must meet some stipulations, such as a benchmark GPA.

“The process to become a representative involves signing a petition where you have to get 25 signatures from members of your college,” Caroline Smith, executive vice president of SGA, said regarding students who want to become a representative or candidate in the upcoming election.

Ernie Barkett, president of SGA, said there is a difference between running as a representative versus running for executive vice president and president.

“The process to run is different depending on the position applied for, this being a ticket, and there would always be a running mate to vice president or president,” Barkett said.

Carson Markley, vice president of student life, is in charge of informing the student body on the application and voting deadlines through Youngstown State University’s website, the Penguin Portal.

“Petitions will become available, Feb. 18 and those will be due March 4. On March 5 and 6, election rulings will take place,” Markley said.

Campaigning begins after spring break and students are allowed to put up posters and advertisements to aid candidates.

As of April 1, the polling location will be announced and voting will also be available online.

Following that week, on April 8, elections will take place.

Voting directions will be made available to aid students in voting accordingly.

For updates on future SGA elections, students can visit an SGA table located on campus or follow candidates on social media.