SGA Announces New Family Center at Maag Library

By Courtney Cina
Jambar Contributor

A family center is in the making and will accommodate any student or campus personnel with children at Youngstown State University. The Student Government Association proposed the new area in the Maag Library basement.

Since the renovation of the third and sixth floor, furniture has been available for the family center and Caroline Smith, executive vice president of SGA, plans to collaborate with Maag to make this area successful.

Many students at Youngstown State University have children. This center has the ability to make students feel comfortable enough to have a safe space for their children, according to Smith.

“The family center is where students can take advantage of a space to study with their child — this area being more friendly for children, a better environment as opposed to other places on campus for children,” she said.  

While this area is not a daycare, it is a place where students can be with children while on campus and not have to worry about disrupting others.

Ernie Barkett, president of SGA, explained about the new avenue for students with children.

“We created a partnership with Maag, suggested a spot in the basement and now working on funds also trying to start a donation drive for a variety of children’s toys,” Barkett said.

Joint efforts are being utilized to make this family center comfortable for children while their parents study.

Smith said the center will be located far away from the writing center, so there will be no distractions. SGA is still deciding on the exact room number, but the family center will be located near the communication department classrooms.

“I think this area would be self sustaining to where it doesn’t take any extra manpower to supervise the area. With security cameras being in there, a receptionist at the front desk can watch it over for security purpose,” Barkett said.

Maag and the family area would have safety and security precautions along with the basement area to satisfy the needs of students with kids.