Seriously, YSU?

The world is what you make it, but if you can’t get out to improve your university, then the world is in trouble.

On Monday, eight students showed up to the Q-and-A session featuring YSU’s next SGA president and executive vice president — and most of them were SGA members.

Catie Carney, the presumed next president, is running unopposed. Voter turnouts in the last two elections were both less than half of a percent of the student body.

But sure as the devil’s dick is red, you come calling when you want money for your student organizations.

Carney and Michael Slavens, the presumed executive vice president, give you too much credit.

“If we put ourselves out there, the students will follow suit, and that’s going to create a very positive environment for student life on campus, which will trickle to the academic part of the university,” Carney said.

They think you’re unaware of SGA’s importance. They want to increase their social media presence and build a shiny, new website to get your attention. Slavens said they need to better communicate their goals.

ATTENTION, STUDENTS: SGA represents you in front of YSU’s administration. Do you want something improved, removed or just plain changed? Tell SGA!

Do you think SGA needs some fresh blood? Do something about it!

We hear complaints that SGA is just a popularity contest, and that the candidate with the biggest Greek connection wins. That’s just a cop-out. There are several thousand students at YSU, and only a few hundred are in fraternities or sororities. Greeks vote because they understand the importance of being involved in their communities. They raise money for cancer research and provide community service. How many of you can say the same? And SGA looks practically the same every year because there are a limited number of students on this campus who seem to care. If you’re one of those few, then awesome. Keep up the great work! And maybe you’re too busy to run for SGA, but you can at least vote. To everyone else, help us carry this burden. We need a lot more of you to change the university and ultimately the world.