Seniors at YSU talk about their college experiences and futures

By Kaitlyn McCarthy

Senior year in college often helps students get ready for their future career. Many students are getting internships or trying to gain experience at Youngstown State University for their future careers. 

“My favorite part of YSU was getting real-world experience on ESPN broadcasts,” senior telecommunications major Richie Juliano said. 

Criminal justice major Dante Smith enjoyed being a member of Student Government Association during his experience at YSU. 

“It was amazing getting to serve the student body over the last four years, and I’m really going to miss it,” Smith said.

Senior telecommunications and music performance major Brandon Maffitt said professors have been very helpful toward him at YSU.

“Paul Ditchey and Lisa Johnson have been a huge help to me since I switched majors.Those two [professors] work in the industry I want to be in and they’ve been nothing but helpful with me in the transition I made,” Maffitt said.

Accounting major Matt Stephens said instructor Jessie Wright helped him change his major from business to accounting. 

“Jessie made the class very interesting and was an outstanding professor. Initially, I came into YSU as an undeclared business major. I enjoyed this class so much that after taking it, I knew that accounting was the path I wanted to go [on],” Stephens said. “In a way, I credit Jessie for my decision to choose accounting.”

Stephans said that his favorite part of YSU was the social aspect. He has met many new people and made friends while receiving his education.

Some seniors are just beginning their academic career. Smith’s future plans involve going to law school, furthering his education. 

“My plans after college are taking a short break to save up some money, then I would like to attend law school in Akron,” said Smith. 

Maffitt stated YSU has given him many new experiences and memories.

“I’m just thankful for all the experiences and opportunities I’ve been able to have while at YSU. Those experiences have helped shape me into the person I am today,” Maffitt said.

For many students, college has made a large impact on their lives. As students come closer to graduation, many are using their experience at the University to help shape their futures.