Rust on Rust

A piece by Heather Seno, a senior at YSU majoring in printmaking, is one of many works currently featured in the Rust on Rust show at Greyland Gallery. Photo by Stacy Rubinic/The Jambar.

On Friday, Greyland Gallery hosted Rust on Rust, an art show curated by Katelyn Gould, Youngstown State University alumna.

Rust on Rust features 20 artists all from Youngstown and Pittsburgh, all with varying styles and subjects. Gould hoped the show would portray the similarities and differences between the art that is being created in the two rustbelt cities.

“I noticed from going to school in Youngstown and then moving to Pittsburgh and seeing everybody’s art — especially the 20 to 40 year olds artwork — it just kind of all had a similar tone to it,” Gould said. “Artists from these two rust belt cities were making similar art, but they had no idea the other one existed. So, I wanted to bring them together.”

Gould graduated from YSU in 2012 and currently works as a gallery attendant at the Andy Warhol Museum and the Mattress Factory Art museum in Pittsburgh.

Heather Seno was the only YSU student represented in the art show with her piece “For What it’s Worth.” Seno’s art was also the only three-dimensional artwork on display at the gallery.

“Most of my work is sort of about women’s issues and it’s just sort of fragmented pieces and things like that in my two-dimensional work. So, I try to pull that through when I do something that is more three-dimensional,” Seno said.

Seno has created artwork that is being viewed all over the world, including work that is currently hanging in an art gallery in Egypt.

Melanie Buonavolonta works for the Greyland Gallery, but also had a piece on display. Buonavolonta’s work “In Light” was a nighttime photograph of downtown Youngstown.

“The location was probably the draw for me. I wanted to take a photograph where light was predominant theme but it was taken at night,” Buonavolonta said. “It was experimentation really but I like the way it turned out.”

Greyland Gallery is an art shop located in downtown Youngstown and is home to all types of art. It also hosts many cultural events, including many art shows.

“We have art shows once a month, with the exception of the upcoming months,” Buonavolonta said. “We’re trying to figure out what Greyland’s next step is, but consistently for a couple years we’ve had an art show basically every month.”