Running Away with a New Single

By Marah J. Morrison

A hard rock and alternative band based out of Youngstown, The Safest Ledge, will be releasing their new single “Runaway” in two weeks, and it will also be featured on their new EP.

Joey Koval, drummer, said the band has been working together for the past four years. He said within that time, the band has released two EPs. One is on Bandcamp and the other is on other music platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

Koval said the new single is about someone trying to save somebody from themselves. He said the single was produced by Steve Perrino at Compass Audio Recordings.

“It started off really heavy and the vibe of the song completely changed by the time we recorded it,” Koval said. “It was different for us because we were watching how much this song was evolving instrumentally.”

Photo by Marah J. Morrison/The Jambar

Koval said being a part of this band justifies a lot of personal emotions. He said when they hear people sing the lyrics back, it gives them the satisfaction of what they created and what they sacrificed having an impact on someone.

Kennedy Conti, vocalist, said “Runaway” is probably one of their favorite pieces they have ever done. He said the band is learning they can’t predict where a song is going to go and they just have to ride it out.

“The fact that our music touched someone enough to remember the lyrics means so much to me,” Conti said. “That’s something that I never dreamed of.”

Conti said vocally, “Runaway” is different because Koval took a huge part in collabing with him to change the lyrics. He said it got a different perspective and light on the subject.

“I feel like that was crucial to get another voice in the band,” he said. “Especially with how much this song means to me personally and it’s the one that hits home the most to me.”

Conti said as long as the band is kicking  and moving forward, he is moving forward with it. He said there is no way to predict where the band is going to go.

“I want to shoot for the stars, and I’d love to see us get to mainstream. But even if it’s not that place and time, I can respect that and as large as we can get is as large as we can get,” Conti said.

Mason Boano, guitarist, said being a part of this band is a therapeutic way to release emotions, feelings or a memory he’s had from the past. He said it is more or less a feeling he needs to get out for others to hear.

“I used to feel like I would never be satisfied,” Boano said. “I used to set the highest expectations, but I’m at the point now where I want this so much.”

The Safest Ledge will be shooting their music video for “Runaway” on Saturday. The song itself will be available on Apple Music and Spotify on Oct. 5.