Restroom Concerns

By Alexa Devore

Jambar Contributor

Youngstown State University has 22 buildings used by students, administration and faculty on a day-to-day basis. There is at least one restroom in each of the buildings around campus, but not all of them are perfect.

Vaughn Myers, operations manager of the Kilcawley Center said bathrooms are frequently used and problems develop. Problems can be with the restrooms themselves or what is put into the restrooms.

“Our bathrooms in Kilcawley are old,” Myers said. “They aren’t as clean, but this is because [of] the amount of use; it is hard to keep clean.”

Emily Tarantine, senior communication student, said the cleanliness of the restrooms is one aspect, but she has also come across other restroom issues.

“[There should be] seat covers in every woman’s bathroom, and the toilet paper is too thin,” Tarantine said.

She said the faucets in the restroom of Kilcawley do not have high water pressure and only produce scalding hot water.

Not only do the women’s restrooms have their problems, the men’s bathrooms have ones of their own.

Vince Morgione, a senior political science student, has a problem with the stalls in the campus’ male restrooms.

“The stalls are too short in the men’s bathroom; it’s invasive to my privacy. They are also dirty, too,” Morgione said.

Freshman nursing student, Deianera Dixon, is new to the campus and also has some dilemmas with the restrooms she said.

“Not all of them have blow dryers. I wish they had more of those than paper towels. Sometimes I sweat and need the blow dryer,” Dixon said.

Nicole Divincenzo, a sophomore hospitality student, does not like the size constraint.

“My only issue is the toilet paper. I don’t use the bathrooms much, and the stalls are too small to fit people with book bags, and most don’t have proper places to set them,” Divincenzo said.

Sophomore accounting student, Zack Bobonick, would like them to tone down the noise of the blow dryer.

“Most of my day is in Williamson, but the dryers in those bathrooms are too loud, and the toilet paper everywhere is horrible,” Bobonick said.

Michael Bowman, administrative assistant in Kilcawley, said he did notice a change in the toilet paper in Kilcawley.

“Since they went to new cleaning people, they have gotten better toilet paper. They at least have two sheets on them,” Bowman said

Myers does not see the toilet paper, hand dryers or the size of the restrooms as the problem.

“From a facility standpoint, I would say paper towel dispensers [are the problem] because they seem to take the most punishment or the most [usage]. They are constantly breaking, and we have to fix them,” Myers said.

While the newer restrooms may better provide what students need, Myers said it does take a lot of money and time to remodel the restrooms around campus.