Residence Halls: Safe or Unsettling For YSU Penguins?

By Courtney Hibler

Jambar Contributor

The security regarding on-campus housing at Youngstown State University has worried some students when it comes to feeling safe and secure.

On-campus housing at YSU includes Kilcawley House, Lyden House, Cafaro House, Wick House, Weller House and University Courtyard apartments.

Wick House is only available to students over sophomore status while Weller House only offers family housing to graduate students.

Diana Bodrogi-Podoaba, middle childhood education student at YSU, has lived in Cafaro House for three-and-a-half years.

Cafaro is located on the north end of campus and houses 274 students.

Bodrogi-Podoaba said there are four exit doors not able to be re-entered, but people sometimes sneak in.

“There are a lot of instances of people being snuck in through the exit doors,” Bodrogi-Podoaba said. “I’ve witnessed a resident and their guest walk by the desk assistant who was distracted.”

Bodrogi-Podoaba said it’s a requirement for guests to sign in on a form.

“I think Cafaro is quite secure, but desk attendants should be more aware of what’s going on,” Bodrogi-Podoaba said. “Maybe more attention should be on the exit door cameras as well.”

Lyden House, located on the north side of campus, houses 300 residents.

Ellis Lewkowicz, early childhood education student at YSU, lives in Lyden House and has never experienced anything negative with security.

“The doors from the outside are unlocked, but the doors inside the front desk are always locked,” Lewkowicz said. “Only residents can enter through there.”

According to YSU’s housing safety document, the staff members of on-campus housing are trained year round by administrators, police officers and safety officers.

This helps in staying up to date with what’s going on and how to handle certain security situations.

The University Courtyard Apartment complex, housing 408 students, is located next to Bliss Hall and has a YSU police officer on site.

“After 10 p.m. a YSU police officer is in the building,” Rivi Jinadasa, general business student at YSU, said.

Jinadasa said University Courtyard takes all the safety precautions possible.

“Each room has an emergency push button connected to YSU’s police department,” Jinadasa said. “The doors are also always locked, so I feel very safe.”

Mckenzie Cooper, instrumental music education student at YSU, lives in Kilcawley House which holds 224 students.

Cooper has not encountered anything drastic, but says the doors aren’t always locked.

“Everything else feels safe,” Cooper said.

All doors for residence halls should be locked from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

YSU police advise students contact them if anything seems out of the ordinary regarding their on-campus home.