Remain vigilant


The Student Judicial Board’s suspension of Kappa Alpha Psi is not only appropriate, it is more than we asked for.

“Fraternities that have a history of hazing may be nationally recognized, but our university has no obligation to ever make that same recognition,” we wrote in an editorial earlier this month.

Jack Fahey, vice president for student affairs, sat in silence and disbelief at the hearing on Friday.

Afterward, Fahey had little to say, for he was still shocked about the allegations surrounding a group of YSU students and alumni.

President Cynthia Anderson has repeatedly and vehemently expressed opposition and disgust with excessive hazing methods, but the university’s actions spoke louder than any of her words.

The administration, which has come down hard amid allegations of hazing, has stepped up to the plate and outlawed a fraternity with a sordid history. 

We hope that university officials remain vigilant in the years to come. It’s easy to forget, especially when it’s so vital to remember.

Two students have been hospitalized numerous times, according to a testimony in the trial charging nine YSU students and fraternity members.

The university must remain firm in its resolve. 

A watchful eye on this fraternity for the next quarter-century is reassuring.

Students who are beaten or branded — even if they willingly allow it — should be protected and vindicated.