Rec Xtra, Extra Fun

By Jambar Contributor

Jack Dawson

Once a month, the Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center at Youngstown State University hosts Rec Xtra, which gives students a chance to exercise in fun ways outside regular rec hours.

Rec Xtra started spring semester 2017 and is held one Friday of every month all year.

Brandy Schumaker, assistant director of fitness and facility operations, described Rec Xtra as extended hours for students to use the rec facility on Friday evenings.

What makes Rec Xtra different from regular extended hours is intramural sports as well as specialty events that the rec doesn’t usually offer.

“We’ll have yoga, an escape room and crate stacking. It will also have different intramural activities like dodgeball and bubble ball,” Schumaker said, “It’s each of our areas contributing and showcasing some of their programing.”

Ryan McNicholas, assistant director of marketing, fitness and wellness programs, said Rec Xtra events help highlight the new and special events the rec offers.

If students register beforehand using the YSU app, they are put into a drawing for gift baskets including prizes like rec gear and guest passes. Certain events such as the high ropes course and the rock wall have limited availability and students must reserve their spot ahead of time online.

The event can feature different activities depending on what students want. Student input is taken into consideration and Rec Xtra is revised accordingly.

“We’re always willing to take student input. If students say there’s something they want us to offer at a Rec Xtra, we can talk about it as a group and work on having those activities,” Schumaker said.

The event provides the staff with the opportunity to reach a larger population of the student body, McNicholas said.

Erik Little, an employee at the rec who has staffed two Rec Xtra events, said he likes that the events give students who don’t normally attend the rec the chance enjoy the facilities.

“Rec Xtra is definitely a different feel than the rec on a regular day. It gives everyone who participates a relaxed environment to play some games or just get a work out in,” Little said.

Schumaker said the event exposes new students to the rec center. The special events get them in the door and encourage them to come back.

“It’s nice to see a lot of students that don’t normally come to the rec and expose them to things they didn’t realize we offered or had the ability to offer,” Schumaker said.

All upcoming dates for Rec Xtra are listed on the YSU website.