Rec offers passport to health

The Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center is offering students, faculty and staff a “passport to health and wellness” to maximize use of the Rec’s programs and activities.

The program started on Monday and will run through March 29. Rec Center patrons can register at the administrative desk until Feb. 18.

Each week, the program’s coordinators will offer five activities that participants can complete to earn a stamp on their passports. After five stamps, the participants’ names will be entered in a drawing for prizes ranging from a travel-related gift basket to T-shirts.

“A lot of them are T-shirts,” said Ryan McNicholas, fitness and wellness coordinator. “I know students love T-shirts.”

McNicholas said the incentive program will offer different programs each week to hold student and faculty interest.

Lesley Anne Roddy, a graduate assistant for fitness and wellness, said she hopes the incentive program will be the “extra little bit of motivation” someone might need to exercise.

“Hopefully, they will learn some new things and maybe take on some things that they’ve never tried before as a challenge,” Roddy said.

The activities vary in approach to wellness, such a stress relief and social wellness. A participant can earn a stamp for attending a Penguin Pre-Party or spending time in meditation.

“We’re trying to incorporate a holistic wellness. Wellness is more than just eating right and exercising,” McNicholas said.

The Rec also implemented some rules to protect overenthusiastic gym rats. The program follows the American College of Sports Medicine’s guidelines for cardiovascular exercise. Participants may only perform these exercises for up to an hour each day, although they may add strength training to their routine.

“They don’t want you to over exercise per day where you’d get burnt out, basically, too quickly,” McNicholas said.

Drew Froomkin, a junior public health major, said the program is good for people who need motivation to exercise.

“I can see people who need to get motivated for the gym liking the program. It sounds like a pretty good incentive to get people to make that change in their life,” he said.