Martzial has taken the stage in over 10 plays and musicals in her theater career at Youngstown State University.
Martzial has taken the stage in over 10 plays and musicals in her theater career at Youngstown State University.

She sings, she dances, she acts, she directs and she attends Youngstown State University. Natalie Martzial has starred in countless recitals, musicals and plays while studying theater, and, now going into her final semester, is planning for her future.

Martzial has always been involved with the performing arts and has always aspired to a career in the industry.

“I’ve been singing since I was 3 years old, and it’s just always been my passion my whole life,” she said.

Martzial decided she wanted to start acting after landing her first role in her high school’s spring musical. After that, she said she was hooked.

“Just to know that I could impact people’s lives or even make them forget about their troubles for a brief moment is such a powerful thing,” she said.

When Martzial first watched the movie “Rent” in sixth grade, she was captivated by Idina Menzel’s performance. She looks to Menzel for inspiration because of her passion for performing and her ability to always work harder and better at being an actress and a person.

While Martzial has been attending YSU, she has performed in three musicals, six plays — including “Twelfth Night” this spring — four student-directed one acts and countless vocal recitals. She has also worked with theaters outside of college such as Stage Left Players in Lisbon, Ohio and the Oakland Center for the Arts in Youngstown. She also directed her own short play last semester called “The Rental.”

“You don’t realize how much goes into a show until you’re calling all of your shots for one. I definitely have so much more respect for directors now and the responsibility they hold,” she said.

This summer, Martzial will be acting in “Tecumseh!”, an outdoor theater drama, in Chillicothe, Ohio. This will be her first professional acting job.

But as for her future, she sees herself in the big apple.

“That’s where most all of the opportunities and auditions are for theater, and I already have some contacts there,” she said.

Martzial is a well-rounded performer that will take any sort of opportunity that goes her way. She credits Nancy Wolfgang, head of the musical theater program, for her success thus far.

“She has helped me so much these past three years. She has definitely taught me to always be true to myself and not to be afraid to make mistakes and take risks,” Martzial said.

Martzial said she surrounds herself with passion, dedication and support that help her to focus on her dreams and to constantly be reminded to never give up on her dreams.

“There are always going to be people saying that you can’t, but if it’s what you feel you are destined to do and it’s what makes you happy, go for it 110%,” Martzial said.