Puppy toy palooza

Rope and cloth were laid out for the toys. Photo by Alex Sorrells / The Jambar

By Alex Sorrells / The Jambar

Students at Youngstown State University hand crafted puppy toys for New Lease on Life Rescue at an event hosted by the Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center on April 9.

Rachel Jeffries, an academic intern at the Rec, said New Lease on Life rescues dogs in need of a home.

“We just hope that everybody comes out and enjoys what we do here and also support New Lease on Life and adopt some of their puppies. Some of the puppies need a home,” Jeffries said.

Staff cut up climbing rope and other materials for students to braid and twist into homemade toys. Olivia Vargas, a junior theater studies major, said she attended the event because of her love for dogs.

“I came to the event today because I saw they were making dog toys, and I’ve been wanting another dog for a long time. Unfortunately, I have to wait until after I graduate, but I thought it would be sweet to make one now to anticipate the dog that I hope to get in a year,” Vargas said.

According to Jeffries, the Rec frequently partners with New Lease on Life for other events such as Puppy Palooza and Puppy Yoga.

“We’ve been collaborating with them for a while. They have a lot of puppies that need adopted and to be played with. So, we like to bring the puppies out and let the students enjoy them and also get some activity for the puppies as well,” Jeffries said.

One last Puppy Palooza event is set to take place April 27 in the Rec’s front entrance. Jeffries said the events can also help students wind down with a stressful finals week ahead.

“Everybody should come. It’s really fun. It’s great for students to take a step back, especially during finals week coming up,” Jeffries said. “Take a step back and play with the puppies and get involved, and it’s good for the puppies to not be in their cages at all times and run around and have some human interaction.”

Other than donating toys, there are many ways to help New Lease on Life, including volunteering or rescuing a dog that needs a home. Vargas said she hopes to get involved.

“I wouldn’t mind donating or volunteering in the future to rescue shelters. If I had the time to do it I think I would, just because I really love dogs and it makes me sad whenever there are dogs in need,” Vargas said.

Vargas said many rescue dogs come from rough environments but students can help by encouraging adoptions and donations.

“It’s just something to do. I mean, especially if you love animals, you’re doing something sweet for them so whether it’s your dog back home or a dog you hope to get in the future,” Vargas said. “You could just donate a toy to the shelter. I think it’s a sweet thing to do.”

Jeffries said those who want to get in touch with New Lease on Life to volunteer or adopt a dog can contact the organization through Facebook Messenger.


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