Proud Penguins

It’s a good week to be a Penguin.

By now, you’ve probably heard about how the football team upset the Pittsburgh Panthers. In a monumental victory, the ‘Guins caught many by surprise, leaving Heinz Field with a 31-17 victory and $400,000.

With that said, it’s time for us to eat a large slice of humble pie.

We doubted our team.

Sure, we didn’t rule out the possibility, but it certainly seemed to be a long shot far out of YSU’s reach. Never, we thought, would they pull off a victory, let alone a landslide.

Some of us were there. A few predicted a YSU win; others weren’t so optimistic. However, all of us left with a great sense of Penguin pride.

The team deserves more credit than they received from the national media, but hopefully the passing glance from ESPN will fuel the already doubted team to achieve even greater things this season.

Unfortunately for them, they’ve already set the bar pretty high.

So, let’s learn from our mistakes.

Let’s decide now to stare in the face of opposition with unrelenting hope. In every obstacle, big and small, is the opportunity to rise to the occasion.

That’s what the Penguins did on Saturday. They were expected to lose by just about everyone, but proved triumphant.

Thank you, boys. You’ve taught us a valuable lesson.