Professor Adam Fuller creates a book about neoconservatives

By Kaitlyn McCarthy

“Israel and the Neoconservatives: Zionism and American Interests” is a book about neoconservatism and the controversies surrounding them as a group. Adam Fuller, author of the book, is an associate professor of politics and international relations at Youngstown State University. 

“In the book, I talk about a lot of the different ways in which the neoconservatives and their interest in Israel is analyzed,” Fuller said.

A press conference for Fuller’s book took place Thursday, Oct. 21. Jacob Ari Labendz, assistant director of the Judiac and Holocaust studies program, interviewed Fuller regarding his new book.

 “Dr. Fuller is a sharp writer. The book is concise — one can even say short — and yet it accomplishes those twin goals of laying out neoconservatives’ relationships to Israel and forcing us to reconsider popular assumptions that people have made about that relationship from the outside,” Labendz said.

Not everyone agrees with Fuller’s opinions in the novel, but this book helps create conversation and bring awareness to the issues regarding neoconservatives.

 “Dr. Fuller and I disagree fundamentally from a political perspective and there are parts of the book, whether in terms of framing or conclusions, with which I deeply disagree,” Labendz said. “Yet it has also challenged me and broadened my perspective, inasmuch as it wrestles with neoconservatism, Israel, and Jewishness from a theory-internal perspective. I find that valuable on its own accord.”

Reading this book can be an educational experience and a way for readers to make their own opinions on neoconservatives, according to Labendz.

“While many people have heard of neoconservatism and neoconservatives, many lack familiarity with the movement and its ideologies. This book can be helpful in that regard,” Labendz said. 

Fuller wrote this book after being involved in a group where he had to research and write a paper on neoconservatives. After the paper was released, Fuller thought more needed to be said.

“That paper needed to be extended into book form — that’s how this book project came about,” Fuller said. 

Labendz thinks students and teachers at YSU should be praised. Publications, such as Fuller’s book, will impact people outside of the university.

“I think it’s important to take time out to recognize the scholarly achievements of our professors and also students at YSU … In doing so, we demonstrate to students the productive nature of scholarship and the contributions of YSU to a global community of scholars and knowledge producers,” Labendz said. “Our faculty publishes works that can have influences, both great and small, far beyond our region and in matters of utmost concern.” 

Fuller’s new book, along with his previous book on neoconservatives, is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.