Positions available in SGA

By Samantha Smith

The Student Government Association officially announced next semesters president and vice president as Alexander Papa and Jordan Pintar, along with representatives for each college.

There will be SGA positions available in the fall. Pintar, a sophomore philosophy and anthropology major, said the executive cabinet will be appointed and elected April 24.

“They are the chief of staff, financial affairs and then public relations. Those three positions are appointed by me and Alex [the new president of SGA], so those will always be appointed by the presidential ticket,” Pintar said. “The other three positions, which are student life, parliamentarian, and assessment and enrichment, are elected by our student representatives.”

Pintar said students interested in open representative and senator positions can apply during the fall.

“[SGA has] three freshman representative positions open, so those will be appointed next fall once the freshmen are on campus and we can talk to them. We have three international representative positions that will also be appointed next fall,” Pintar said. “Then we have a veteran representative position also being appointed next fall.”

The amount of representatives per college is determined by the number of students in each college. The minimum number of representatives is three and the maximum number of representatives is nine.

“Cliffe [College of Creative Arts], being the smallest one, has three [representatives],” Pintar said. “STEM has eight, I know Bitonte [College of Health and Human Services] usually has four to five. [Representative numbers] change just based on, obviously, the size of majors.”

Pintar said if students are interested in being a part of SGA, they should keep an eye on their emails.

“[Applications] will come out in an email sent to all students by the Student Government email, and that’s how you can fill out the application. It’ll be online, but we’ll also be doing tabling at, obviously the student org fairs, and then hopefully, we’re doing Ignite again, like we did this year,” Pintar said.

Depending on the amount of students who apply for each position, interviews may be required. Pintar said the interviews would help SGA learn more about each candidate and why they want to be a part of the organization.

“They’re really supposed to be fun because it’s just to get to know the students. So we usually bring them in, we ask like, ‘What have you been involved in?’ ‘Why do you want to be in student government?’ ‘What are you looking to change on campus?’” Pintar said. 

Students interested in learning more about the SGA can visit its meetings from 4 to 5 p.m. every Monday or visit its website.