Pop-Up Women’s Center in Kilcawley

A pop-up women’s center will be displayed on the first floor of Kilcawley Center as a staging of what is typically offered for a women’s center. The event will take place on Youngstown State University’s campus on April 18 and 22 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“All college campuses have a need for a women’s center, and all but two campuses in Ohio have one,” the pop-up’s flyer said. “YSU is one of those campuses. Women’s centers provide an environment for people to seek support and guidance on issues relating to gender, sexuality, sexual health issues, gender education and other topics.”

The center also has the ability to provide a “calm, inviting atmosphere to those who feel as though they need a comfortable place to be when handling these sensitive issues.”

According to the flyer, a women’s center in Ohio would typically provide resources for those struggling with gender and sexuality issues, advice and advocacy for issues relating to discrimination and violence based on gender, a safe and non-judgmental environment for all, education on gender and sexuality topics, condoms and menstruation products, relationship and domestic violence resources and an environment that fosters conversation about gender discrimination and inequality.

Development for a women’s center began at the university in September 2017, but progress has been delayed.

A petition for women and gender resource center to be brought to YSU has been signed by 734 people, which is roughly 4% of the more than 12,000 students. The administration at the YSU and advocates for the center are in discussion to determine its direction.