Plunging For a Good Cause

Jambar Contributor

Mohammad Mujahed

Doing something risky is not always a good idea, especially if it’s for no reason, but some people are willing to do anything for a great cause.

Students from the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity at Youngstown State University set up a table on Dec. 3 and 4 to accept donations for the Polar Plunge event that will be held in January at Mosquito Lake in Warren, Ohio.

According to the event’s web page, the Special Olympics Ohio Polar Plunge is a signature event that will be held throughout the state from Jan. 19 through March 23, 2019. The Polar Plunge is a unique way for people to raise money for Special Olympics Ohio and create awareness for athletes statewide.

The organization claims the Polar Plunge benefits the 26,000 Special Olympics athletes in Ohio. These athletes compete and train year-round in 12 different sports.

Connor O’Kane, a student at the fundraising table, said YSU is playing their part in contributing to the charity event.

“It is a silly event that we all come together for a good cause,” he said. “It may sound absurd that you will jump in a lake in the middle of January.”

O’Kane said there are multiple ways they are trying to fundraise for the event.

“On the table there are many bags with pictures of students from Greek Life,” he said. “Whoever donates $50 in the person’s bag, the certain student has an option to jump in the water.”

Many people believe that polar plunging is extremely dangerous and it can take a toll on a normal human being’s body.

According to the Cleveland Clinic’s webpage, no matter the reason for swimming, people with a family history of blood pressure problems, hypertension or sudden cardiac death should be careful about polar plunges and should be evaluated by a doctor first.

According to Mario Campalong, another YSU student at the fundraising table, said he enjoys the event every year.

“The polar plunge is just a fun event. Just jumping in the water is well worth it because it is a good cause,” he said.

Campalong said they will be holding a table at the start of the spring semester, and 15 YSU students plan on plunging.

Patrick Grobosky, who also helped at the fundraiser, said he is trying to help people donate to his bag to convince him to jump.

“I am willing to put in half for what anyone would put in,” he said.

O’Kane said his brother is the one that put in the money in his bag that made him eligible to jump.

The fraternity members said YSU has been a part of this event for six years.

The event will take place Jan.19 at Mosquito Lake in Warren, Ohio. The fee to jump for students is $50, while non-students will pay $75.