PINK Hosts Clothing Drive, Announces New YSU Clothing Line


By Brittany Wenner


Rebecca Banks, Victoria’s Secret PINK Youngstown State University representative and Rookery Radio host, teamed up for a clothing drive in Kilcawley Center on Friday.


The drive was designed to be a competition between student organizations to see which organization could donate the most clothing. The group that donated the most items would win a privatized meet-up with the PINK representatives, where 15 brand new t-back bras would be raffled off to the organization.


PINK also gave away lanyards, pins, pens, body mists and other PINK items to students that took a picture at the event and posted it to social media using the hashtag “gimmegoodvibes.” The winner of the photo contest received a $50 PINK gift card.


Four student organizations donated clothes to the drive — Psi Chi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Delta Zeta and Phi Sigma Rho. Delta Zeta donated 34 items, Phi Sigma Rho donated 43 items and Alpha Omicron Pi donated 213 items. The winner was Psi Chi, who won by donating a total of 237 items.


The event on Friday was the last event for the spring semester, but PINK at YSU is expected to have more events on campus in the fall during Welcome Week.


PINK at YSU is required to host an annual philanthropic event, where they gather clothes and donate what they receive to local charities. However, Sarah Jones, a PINK representative and business major at YSU, says PINK isn’t registered as its own student organization on campus.


“We have to team up with other student organizations to come on campus [and host events],” Jones said.


Banks had the PINK at YSU representatives on her show, Love&Music YSU Edition, on Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. to help spread the word about their involvement on campus.


PINK at YSU has been hosting events on campus for a couple years and has gained a lot more attention on social media by getting involved with the students on campus. The PINK at YSU Instagram and Snapchat often offer chances to win items or gift cards by participating in various giveaways.


Natalie Lombardo and Bailey Choma are also PINK representatives that took part in the event.


Lombardo, Choma, Jones and other PINK representatives said a big surprise is coming to YSU in the near future.


“We worked so hard to pitch Youngstown State being included in the PINK Collegiate Collection clothing line with all other major universities across the country,” PINK at YSU said in an email. “With the help of President Tressel and PINK’s willingness to experiment, we have been notified that YSU will, in fact, be included in the collection.”


Jones said that PINK at YSU was contacted by the company, and that a line for YSU will be launching in November in time for the holiday season. Representatives will also be meeting with merchants from PINK next week to further discuss the new line.


Rachel Davis, a YSU student who attended the PINK event, said that the new YSU PINK clothing line is something her and a lot of other girls are looking forward to.


“There are a lot of girls who wear [the] PINK brand, and I know we would all be happy to sport YSU in our PINK clothes,” Davis said.


YSU will be part of the exclusive line in Ohio, and more details on the line will become available as November approaches.