Personal Electronics Preferred over School Electronics

By Victoria Remley

Jambar Contributor

Although computer labs are available across campus, students and faculty still often bring their own personal electronic devices.

Carla Simonini, associate professor of Italian, brings her iPhone and laptop to campus because wants to keep in contact with her children and have her email accessible.

“I have children. Sometimes they have issues and text me. I like to be able to be on top of things like that,” Simonini said.

Brittany Urban, a fifth year social work major, said her personal devices are more reliable than school electronics, so she brings her laptop and phone to class daily.

“I know I could carry a flash drive around. I just choose to carry my laptop because it saves me so I don’t have to go on the campus computers. I can use it really wherever,” Urban said.

Jessica John, a sophomore nursing major, brings her iPhone to campus because it’s easier to go on the internet and call and text people using her device.

“Computers limit the area you can be on the internet,” John said.

Mariah Cresanto, a junior music education major, brings her phone and laptop to campus every day because it’s faster to use her own devices rather than the lab in Bliss Hall.

“The computer labs require access through going to the office and turning in your card and then they have to escort you there, so it’s a little time consuming,” Cresanto said.

Kristina Clemons, a junior music major, brings her phone and laptop to campus because she can work on what she needs to faster with her laptop than in a computer lab.

“I don’t really like putting in the effort of having to put my ID in the office at Bliss Hall and take the time to go back and get it,” Clemons said.

Frances Clause, a junior journalism major, enjoys the privacy of her personal devices so she brings her iPhone and laptop to campus daily.

“It’s more of a privacy thing. Sometimes I just want to be alone and do my work rather than sit around other people in labs,” Clause said.