Penguin Productions

Photo by Gabrielle Fellows/ The Jambar.

By Gabrielle Fellows

Photo by Gabrielle Fellows/ The Jambar.
Photo by Gabrielle Fellows/ The Jambar.

Penguin Productions is a student organization closely affiliated with the Youngstown State University campus that is responsible for bringing in different events to the students and locals of Youngstown.

Taylor Garland, the event leader of Penguin Productions, said that being a member of the organization requires you to get creative.

“[We’re] a committee of students who have a love and passion for events and music. We work on bringing artists and fun events to the students of YSU … We put on mostly music events [that] range from concerts on campus, the Live on Lincoln Block Party and events at the Covelli Centre,” Garland said. “It takes a lot of creativity, especially if we are short with the budget. But we always manage to put on a great show.”

This semester, Penguin Productions hosted both the Fall Fire Fest and Life in Color. The students who are part of the organization are responsible for contacting booking agents, organizing the event by creating flyers to spread awareness, balancing the budget, managing the social media accounts and making sure all the final details are in place so that the event goes smoothly.

Carolyn Jesko, member of the Penguin Productions team, said that even though a lot of work goes into being an active member of the organization, the benefits reaped by participating are worth it.

“For every event, I just get really excited. There is so much work and behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on that is a lot of work and planning. But once the event is halfway through and I can relax and not worry about the event, I love seeing everyone’s faces there, enjoying the entertainment that we have provided,” Jesko said. “That’s really the best feeling.”

According to Jesko, there are always openings for students wishing to join in on the event planning experience.

“We look at what skills Penguin Productions is lacking — whether that be photography, marketing or graphic design to name a few — and fill them. We also look for people with a strong drive to succeed and like to apply their skills,” Jesko said. “Even if you just know a lot about music, there is a spot for you.”

Whether it be planning a new event or socializing with the other members of the team, Garland said she never fails to have a good time.

“I came [to Penguin Productions] my first semester [at YSU] … and it’s one of my favorite things about my college experience. I’ve had so many opportunities to gain real world experience and have made so many connections,” Garland said. “I love the whole process leading up to an event. It’s like once we decide on what or whom we are bringing, everything sets into motion — figuring out what needs done [and] who needs talked to. … It can be slightly crazy at times but it’s the best.”

Penguin Productions plans to host a variety of events that will be announced through their Facebook page,, and Twitter account, @PenguinProduct1, next semester.