Penguin Pride

On Wednesday, we embarked on a five-day trip to Chicago.

The majority of it will be spent honing our craft, networking with other college newspapers across the country and absorbing every possible drop of knowledge we can.

Historically, we’ve always brought home a new idea to implement into the paper or website.

Last year, we finished fifth in the nation in the Associated Collegiate Press Best of Show competition.

After Tuesday’s paper, we’re poised to gain even more ground.

The reputable journalists and educators who will be evaluating our work love enterprise stories. It’s safe to say that exposing ineptitude in the city’s health department would certainly meet the criteria.

We’ll represent YSU well, as you have represented us in a myriad of academic- and athletic-related fields.

YSU is often overlooked.

As a smaller school in a rusty city, respect must be earned. We lack the benefit of is being awarded simply because of the school’s name.

That doesn’t faze us.

As countless other Penguins have before, we’ll give this our all. We hope we make you proud, as proud as we are of you.