Penguin Nights Presents Casino Night

By Amanda Lehnerd

Youngstown State University’s Division of Student Experience presents Penguin Nights: Casino Edition Jan. 13 in Kilcawley Center.

John Young, one of Penguin Nights event planners, said this is the fourth Penguin Nights and is a collaboration between Kilcawley Center, Student Activities and Penguin Productions, which are all part of the Division of Student Experience, and sponsored by Pepsi.  A&E Pengin Nights 2

YSU Division of Student Experience wanted to provide students with a new program that would allow them to get together with friends and have the opportunity to meet new people.

Penguin Nights is a free, late night event exclusive to YSU students. There are a variety of games, entertainment and prizes to win.

Carolyn Jesko, assistant director of programming for student activities, said, “We were looking to give students an opportunity to get together with friends and create that sense of community right in the heart of campus.”

The casino night idea is implemented throughout the event’s activities that are being offered during Penguin Night.

“Each Penguin Nights we try a theme. We use different types of entertainment, and use decorations to help transform Kilcawley Center,” Young said.

“The Casino theme will have a dance party attached to a mock casino. The casino will have both slot machines and table games,” Young said. “Each student will be able to register for free chips to play the games. The casino will be set up to encourage students to play, and volunteers will help teach the various games and encourage a fun atmosphere.”

Not Your Granny’s Bingo, which has become a signature event at Penguin Nights, will be offered at the casino edition. Granny’s Bingo gives students the chance to win huge prizes, including the chance to enter the money machine, exclusive to the casino edition.

Along with Not Your Granny’s Bingo, there will be a magician and mentalist, The Vindys will be performing and Rookery Radio will be playing some hits for a late night dance party. The selfie station will return to give students a chance to take photos with their favorite celebrities in Las Vegas.

“A magician and mentalist will be strolling throughout Penguin Nights entertaining students with amazing magical feats, intriguing mind-reading and unexpected twists and turns,” Jesko said. “The Vindys will be performing in the VIP Lounge. They will put on a high-energy show blending pop, jazz and rock featuring original songs and cover tunes.”

Students attending the event will have the chance to eat at the late night breakfast buffet for free.

“Students can indulge their nighttime cravings with the breakfast bar,” Jesko said. “The bar will feature some favorite late night snacks that everyone can enjoy.”

The event takes place throughout Kilcawley Center. Most of the activities are contained to the lower level and in the Chestnut room, lounges and restaurants: Wendy’s, KC Foodcourt, and the Hub.

Students will need to provide a valid ID to gain access to the event. All ID’s will be swiped, and entry will take place at Chick-fil-a located on the north side of Kilcawley Center.