Parking Predicaments

By Jack Dawson

Jambar Contributor

Parking at Youngstown State University is far from perfect, students say. A common complaint heard on campus is YSU doesn’t offer ample parking for everyone.

Tyce Gall, a criminal justice major at YSU, regularly drives to campus. Gall said there is never enough parking available for students on campus.

“On multiple occasions I’ve been late to class or missed class entirely due to a lack of parking availability,” Gall said.

Students attending class all over campus have problems with parking. Colton Blair, a business major, has trouble finding parking available near the Williamson College of Business.

“Parking is horrible. You’ve got to find a new place to park almost every day. I usually end up having to park in the Edge parking lot or over at Wick and Weller,” Blair said.

Anna Duda, a marketing major, has been late to class multiple times and said the Wick parking deck is unsafe.

“I hate YSU parking. You have to get here at least a half hour early if you want a parking spot,” Duda said.

Students also have complaints about the distance they have to walk from where they park to their classes.

“I usually have to walk over 15 minutes from where I park to campus,” mechanical engineering student Vincenzo Bertolasio said.

YSU’s Student Government Association is working on making parking on campus better. Lindsey Heldreth, chair of the assessment and enrichment committee for SGA, said the committee is planning on releasing a survey to get student feedback on parking issues.

“After we get the results of the survey we’re going to try and form a relationship with parking services and work on improving things,” Heldreth said.

Some faculty and staff members have different opinions on parking than students do. Justin Munz, the housing coordinator for Lyden house, said, there is adequate parking on campus.

“I’ve never not been able to find a spot. The spot might not always be the closest, but there’s always places to park,” Munz said.